Me, Monty and Mindfulness: a beginning

Like many I’m a busy mum, I work a full time compressed hours week, I am 27 weeks pregnant and have a 2 year old boy, who is extremely active. One of my strengths is that I’m driven, I am constantly trying to do more and be better, but this constant striving takes its toll, I’m tired a lot and never seem to be satisfied or enjoying what I’m doing. I’m often lost in thoughts planning the future and scenario planning, whether it be what my next job is going to be, what my next home project is or what will happen when Monty goes to school, how will I managed pick ups etc…

People say over and over enjoy the time you have with your little one as it is over so quickly- I looked at Monty the other week and suddenly noticed how big he was, how capable, how much fun. I realised I often spend my time with him thinking about the next household chore or leaving an activity to do the washing up, looking forward to a nap time so I could get a work call done.  What I was not doing was actually being their with him, letting myself just be with him and enjoy our activities, to really devote my attention to him, to actually turn the work phone off.

My little boy is the most precious thing in the world and so I have started a journey of changing the way I am. It’s early days, but just letting myself sit with him and observe and play until he decides the game is over. I’ve also started an 8 week mindfulness course, I must admit previously I would have thought what a load of b*ll*cks, but I’ m only on week two and I am already seeing the value of staying in the present with my little man and pulling my mind back gently when the mind wanders…this week the teacher said, if something is important you will prioritise it over other things.  She was talking about our mindful practice and how we can procrastinate and do other things instead of getting on an practising, she said that is the best time to practise.  For me, it is playing with Monty, that is the most important thing, just being with him and enjoying it, is far more important than a pile of washing up or vacuuming the lounge.

Habit and behaviour change doesn’t happen over night and I still get distracted, but I tell you what, I already feel better about the time I spend with him, like I have truly engaged…to top it all off, yesterday he said to me ‘best mummy in the whole wide world’, what is more important to me than him feeling that…

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