Big bumps…

So today I just got a it sick of it all…tomorrow I am 32 weeks pregnant and I am huge. I woke up at 00.30 and fell back to sleep at 04.45…my alarm went off 30 minutes later…

I left the house having not seen my 2 year old because he was still sleeping and got my sorry arse to work.  I hobbled most of the way as the baby is sitting on a nerve that shoots a sharp pain down my left leg every time I put weight on it. For some reason both sides of my groin ache and it feels like the skin on my tummy is about to tear.

The lovely, but somewhat clueless people at work, take an avid interest in my tummy, I get stroked by the guy in IT – it’s still weird even though there is a baby in there, I get told I am never going to make it to my due date – don’t you think I might be concerned about that and in our team meeting, everyone goes on about how small and neat the bump is of my team member who is 4 weeks behind me – I just get ‘OMG’s’ and gasps of shock and ‘yes she really is huge’ from those in the room. So feeling great, OK lying, I’m feeling pretty miserable, I sit for hours on an uncomfortable office chair wanting to be anywhere than right here. I still have 6 weeks to go and I am thing how on earth am I going to get through this; tomorrow I’m in another office and will have to go through the same conversations all over again – I can’t wait.

Finally home time, only my train is delayed, I have to stand for at least 5 minutes until finally some kind soul gives up their seat and go pick up my boy. Whilst pregnancy is an amazing thing and I try to savour every last moment of it, because this really is my last, it’s also a blooming pain in the I didn’t even know I could get pain there…

To my fellow large bumpers, you’re doing great and look fantastic, let’s just take it one day at a time – here’s wishing you a good nights sleep

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