Someone special…

Sometimes someone special enters your life, not in the romantic or sexual sense but someone who you just get on with and respect. 5 years ago I met a man, from the first meeting we had a connection, he was interviewing me for a job and I remember with fondness a wry smile that crossed my face, thinking I like this guy we could have fun.

He gave me the job, I think the feeling was mutual and we have worked together over the last few years. I look forward to him phoning me and we chat about nonsense on the phone, sometimes I think he just likes being in my company and I enjoy being in his. I sometimes feel anxious around him, I want him to like and respect me, but I probably don’t need to worry about that as even when I frustrate him, he always comes back to me.

I admire his calmness, his pragmatism, his style of questioning that guides you in different directions without ever making you feel you have got it wrong. He is inspirational – he’s been criticised for not having impact or not being assertive enough – they don’t know him. He makes a significant impact on people who work for him.

He’s seen me through nearly two pregnancies at work and has made me feel as though I can achieve anything even when my own mind is betraying me. He made me cry, I don’t think he knows this, we were on the phone to each other – he told me ‘never to put barriers in my way-never’, that other people might, but that I should never hold myself back. I was pregnant and I needed this.

Our current set up is changing and there isn’t much I can do about it. I don’t want to let him go, but I have no choice, things will no longer be the same.

Do I want him to ever read this, probably no, I’d feel very self-conscious…if he does maybe he just shouldn’t ever tell me that he has.

Thank you – never put barriers in your way x

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