Feeling fat, tired and grumpy…

The mind is a wonderful thing, it not only blocks the memory of the birth it also paints a rose tinted glow around the third trimester, oh the joys…you then get to round two and not only do you have the hell of being hugely pregnant, you also have a first born to deal with.  If like me this is the average gap of 2 1/2 years, not only do you have a first born, you have a toddler. Today summed up my experience in one day…

1. Sleep – I have been awake since 1.30 am; for the last 4 days I haven’t slept past 1.30 am – I’m tired and a bit grumpy…no lying in though for me, 5.30 am and said toddler launches himself into the bed, carves out a huge gap in the middle and I grip despairingly to the edge of the bed until 7.00 am

2. Acid reflux…not sure I need to say much more – yuck!

3. Forestation – I can’t get to my legs let alone my bikini line, in fact I haven’t seen my bikini line in months – what to do? Ask the hubby to do it? That would actually reveal just how hairy his wife is…or slap on a load of hair removal cream and hope for the best…

4. Washing up – I can no longer reach the he water…option a. Side on washing up and succumb to crick in the side or b. Balance bump on edge of sink while standing on tip toes?

5. Pain everywhere including feeling linke someone has punched my in the…you know what…

6. Dressing toddler – worst nightmare…managed to get onto the floor with clothes, just as toddler decides a game of ‘catch me’ is in order…can’t get back up, frustration builds, end up yelling at toddler…feel guilty, he only wanted to play and I want to play with him – gar!


7. Need to pee…every 5 minutes, makes shopping a nightmare, mapped out all public toilets between home and work, regular shopping destinations etc…

8. The husband – so attentive during pregnancy No 1, completely over it during pregnancy No 2…

9. Work – full time, no sleep, toddler, enormous- counting the days…

10. Catch 22 – over pregnancy, but result is another baby and sleepless nights, not to forget that bit in between

Having said all that I am the luckiest person alive; keep going fellow mummies

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