Sunday morning bliss…?

Sunday morning, 32 weeks pregnant and the pitter patter of little feet enter the bedroom, it’s 5.45 am – urgh!!  The monster climbs into bed demands the phone and to the sound of YouTube kids and being kicked in the back continuously, I try to get back to sleep – it didn’t work. I decamp to Monty’s bed and was getting a bit of snooze, when Hubby stomps in with the monster and turns on the light.

I give up, go downstairs and start the breakfast routine – baked beans today…I’m subjected to endless CBeebies and finally lose the plot after the 25th time of being climbed on to get up the back of the sofa and launch himself off, narrowly missing knocking himself out on several occasions. It’s back upstairs to offload monster to daddy for 5 minutes.  Lock myself in the bathroom with my phone to get a moments peace. Hubby’s yelling from the bedroom, monster wants to watch YouTube again ‘what are you doing in there with your phone? Monty wants to watch YouTube’, he’s not satisfied with responses of I need it, why cannot he not just go downstairs and get his own bloomin phone, so I have to open the door and inform him  that I am removing hair from my private regions and need to time my hair removal cream – oh the mystery is dead!!

It worked and finally, I have a window of peace, and a blissful 20 minute soak in the bath! To all the


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