Where did my friends go?

I woke up recently and thought ‘what happened to all my friends?’ It’s not that I don’t have any friends, but my closest friends had been replaced by lovely mummies met at various baby groups. Life had changed, previously Saturday nights had been staying up until 5.00 am, crashing out on someone’s sofa, now getting to 9.00 pm was a late night.

I guess I just hadn’t noticed, the early stages of having a baby with its constant overwhelming all consumingness, just meant I hadn’t noticed I wasn’t seeing the people I used to spend most of weekends with.  Now that baby is 2 years old, goes to bed at a reasonable time and generally sleeps through to OK 5.30 am, life had started to normalise.  No longer feeling absolutely dead on my feet and aching to get into bed in order to be able to function at work the next day, I was starting to miss people.

The problem was/is, I no longer fancy staying up until 5.00 am and sleeping off a hangover the next day and to be honest I think that it is now my idea of hell – toddler + hangover= the greatest horror of your life – but that’s what they were still doing and whilst I merrily got up at 6.00 am and swanned around National Trust properties, those long lost friends were snoozing, ready to start again the next night.

We did try to stay in touch, but too many late nights and hangovers meant brunches and lunches were cancelled, plus what we had added into the mix was a little Tasmanian devil – how often have you been out and realised you’ve started about a dozen conversations and never got to the end? Only parents can see beyond this annoying Duracell bunny that just keeps butting in every blooming second.

So at the moment, life can get a bit lonely, particularly on a Saturday evening, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.